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  • Amy Johnson

    December 8, 2021 at 5:43 pm

    So the container I visualized was an insulated cooler like athletes use to put water or Gatorade into. Basketball season has just begun and a typical sight at the game is a Gatorade cooler with cups for students to get drinks. What if I started with a video of this from one of our basketball games and the water kids who are running drinks to the players. I can then show a video of filling the container with a jug of water since it won’t fit in the sink. How many jugs fill the container? I could provide information that a jug is one gallon. After estimations we can show the container being filled. It should be 7 gallons. Then we can ask, “How many drinks can players receive in a game? Then I can provide that the cups are usually an 8 ounce.

    Hopefully there can be the question asked about how many drinks will one jug make?

    It would be fun to get one of the basketball teams to make a video of the reveal of cups for the one jug.

    I am new to the idea of 3 acts and/or tasks. I also know that I can make things more complicated than needed or intended. I definitely feel like a student because I am taking a risk and sharing this response. This reminds me of the risks students take every day in my class to give an answer in which they are not confident. The fear of judgement/failure is real. However, I know I need feedback with this if I am to progress in my abilities to try this new way to teach.