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  • Amy Johnson

    December 6, 2021 at 4:33 pm

    Module 5 had the greatest impact upon me. How you explained how students see things additively and how we need to nudge them to multiplicative thinking has been helpful. I think that is because you have given me tools and models to use with kids that let them enter in on a low floor but I can use these to nudge the students into lifting their thinking. I have been using the language and inverse thinking ideas currently. I am seeing a difference with my students’ understandings this year compared to previous years. Many times as teachers we get frustrated with students lack of automaticity with facts but we don’t consider that we don’t give students many opportunities with the transition from additive thinking into multiplicative thinking. Ratios, especially with learning tasks can provide these opportunities. I think this idea of transitioning from one way of thinking about comparisons to another way of thinking is one of the biggest things I am understanding through being presented the continuum of the very beginning until now. I not only understand that but also the interconnectedness of so many mathematical ideas such as the fraction work that exists with ratios.

    I am so grateful for this course. I really needed to understand better than I did. My instruction is improving. I planning on revisiting my notes as I work through this year and beyond deepening my understanding and ultimately my instruction.