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  • Amy Johnson

    December 2, 2021 at 5:58 pm

    Ratio reasoning is a comparison of quantities in one of two ways: multiplicatively of one item or a tandemly scaling of a compose unit that is two different items (different units or same units of different items). In other words, how many times larger or smaller is one thing to another. Or we can think inversely and divide: how many of the smaller things are in the larger things or how many of the larger thing are in the smaller thing?

    Whereas, rate reasoning is where students can “jump” because they are focused on how much of one thing is shared among the other. This is the partitive division where we fair share one item among another item. Cost per unit, speed, and density would be where a rate is expressed so that we are comparing the rates as opposed to the two separate quantities either multiplicative or as a composed unit.

    I am wondering if I have made the connection to science curriculum correctly? This is a cross curricular idea that I think would help students all the way around if we help them see the connection instead of as separate contents.