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  • Amy Johnson

    November 26, 2021 at 8:12 pm

    What resonates with me is how I need to use this idea of a spark in my lessons. I started this year trying to start a unit of learning with a problem based learning lesson. I did decently in the beginning but as the year has progressed I have slipped back into old habits that are easier to maintain. However, they aren’t easier for my students to really learn math.

    The consolidation part of the lessons was hard for me to pace. I was sure what I need to point out, or nudge with. This video has given me a lot to consider and to try. I feel encouraged by the many times you have shared about how you have changed the way you teach and that you are still learning. I needed to hear that because it is overwhelming to think I need to change over night. I think it is what we encourage our students to do: keep stretching their learning circles. Get comfortable of where you stretched to, pause to retain, then stretch again. I am getting ready to start a new unit of study Monday and I have this weekend to shape it up a little differently than I had planned. I am looking forward to come back to the student fresh with a new idea when this is the time of year we often return like the students ready for winter break.

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