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  • Amy Johnson

    November 20, 2021 at 2:04 pm

    Can I use an upcoming task as an example of the different stages of the continuum of measurement? Yes, but I am struggling.

    I have been trying to evolve my way of teaching mathematic to include ideas I have learned about having number talks. Then I read a book called Building Thinking Classrooms in Mathematics. I’ve been trying to use math tasks and utilizing vertical math boards to encourage students to collaborate, think, and dig deeper. Now I am on a committee to choose our next mathematics curriculum. We were looking at textbooks that have “sparks” or tasks built in that would aid me in shifting to this type of teaching. However, if we choose something like this without professional development then there are teachers who will not use the sparks and will try to do what they have always done because it is how they were taught and it is how they see math? Doesn’t that ultimately set us up for failure? I need to change. I think we all need to change but how do we bring this evolution along?

    To be honest, I was changing at the beginning of the year, but as the year has advanced, I’ve slid back into old ways because it is a way of least resistance and survival. I haven’t had many colleagues doing professional development like what this is and I am struggling how to make incremental changes to evolve because I can’t magically change in a day, a month or one year. I know that I am a different teacher today than I was but I am struggling.

    So to circle back to my wonderings: Am I willing to take a risk and fail? What if it works? What does working look like?