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  • Amy Johnson

    November 14, 2021 at 7:55 pm

    The examples of the unitizing of fractions with the concrete representation was extremely important to me. Before I taught sixth grade I taught fourth grade. I remember trying to make fractions less confusing when talking about like denominators. I would write fourths in words instead of the numeric representation. I started doing this after I had a math professional development. I didn’t understand at the time how we were making the fraction vocabulary more concrete and less symbolic. This is huge, and yet so simple. It really would make a difference to students if we would pull back on the symbolic and let them play with the models and fractions.

    I am not sure where another example would be as I am still thinking through how I can use this idea with the intervention of my struggling students who are expected to come to me with symbolic understanding of the fractions but the reality is that they don’t.