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  • Lavon Heath

    October 30, 2021 at 4:47 pm

    It blew my mind the first time I saw a physical model of the Pythagorean Theorem with the squares made from each side being placed over the square made from the hypotenuse. I had spent years using the Pythagorean Theorem without really understanding what it meant. The visual model is so powerful! It’s so important not to rush over that!

    So direct comparison— placing the squares from the sides over the square from the hypotenuse to compare their equality.

    Indirect comparison— placing cubes from each square onto the hypotenuse square to show that they are equal.

    Direct measurement— maybe cutting up the area of the 2 squares and placing these parts over the hypotenuse square.

    Indirect measurement— using a ruler to measure and find area or actually giving each side of the right triangle a numeric length.