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  • Rebekah Kneupper

    September 27, 2021 at 11:39 pm

    The lesson style enables teachers to utilize more open-ended questions. This heightens the expectation of students having to think and solve problems using their problem-solving skills instead of waiting for the answer. This also does not limit students to think that there is only one way to solve problems. Versus traditional lessons that simply teach students to copy the teacher and not think for themselves.
    The reservations about using this style is less structure in the way things are taught, task could take longer than expected and not allow for all task to be met in one day, how to know if students know how to accurately solve the problem, and is this the best way to present new ideas to all levels of learners.
    Utilizing this type of style allows students to become more vocal in their understanding, problem solving and communication skills about math specifically. With this style students might be more willing to make mistakes and try again. This type of lesson engages the learners and develop their own style of learning why we solve problems a particular way.