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Make Math Moments Academy Forums Mini-Course Reflections The Concept Holding Your Students Back Lesson 1 – What Is Proportional Reasoning And Why Is It Important? – Discussion Reply To: Lesson 1 – What Is Proportional Reasoning And Why Is It Important? – Discussion

  • Merrillee Reboullet

    September 25, 2021 at 6:15 pm

    I also teach Grade 5 and I would agree that this is a big part of what we do, although I didn’t know it was called proportional reasoning either, as many have mentioned. My wonder is if it is necessary for children to master additive thinking before moving on to proportional reasoning. Can they work on both at the same time?
    I also see students beginning to see proportions without realizing that they are. This makes me think that perhaps it comes with exploring our world in a tangible way. Most of my students (if not all) would be able to physically demonstrate that to make hot chocolate they would need to keep adding groups of 3 scoops to each person’s mug although they may not be able to articulate the mathematical relationship without guidance or translate it into an equation.

    I also realize after having watched the three videos that I have already been teaching students proportional reasoning without realizing it. It feels good to think that I’ll be doing it more intentionally even starting on Monday, but especially as I move through this course. I’m excited to see what I will be able to take away for myself and then be able to pass on to my students. 🙂