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Make Math Moments Academy Forums Mini-Course Reflections Assessment For Growth Lesson 4: Psychological Safety & Assessment – Discussion Reply To: Lesson 4: Psychological Safety & Assessment – Discussion

  • Callie Smith

    September 6, 2021 at 5:49 pm

    Biggest takeaway on this one: changing groups os good. I find this reassuring. I like changing things around. That was the hardest part of last year, with COVID and all, was that we were told to keep them in the same places …. This year, we’ve at least been able to say that we can change at the beginning of each week. I haven’t even taken advantage of this yet, but it’s coming…. I like to change it around to keep them on their toes and help them learn to work with all types of people.

    Wondering…. I love handing out playing cards that I’ve previously paired and shuffled. They have to figure out the pattern….