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  • Denny Nelson

    August 20, 2021 at 3:17 pm

    My current wonder is what do I do with students that always want to wait to hear / see what others notice and wonder before they commit to something. I have been doing notice and wonders but I think I can try to increase my participation and allow for a bigger variety of responses and celebrate the variety. I don’t want that “one right answer that everyone is waiting for one of those few students to say or for the teacher to validate.”

    I remember one of my “good at math students” last year. When doing one of these notice and wonders I didn’t immediately say, “That’s right!” so he changed his answer about four times trying to figure out what the right answer was. He and likely the rest of the class wasn’t’ getting the idea of a notice and wonder. Part of it is me not establishing what I’m looking for and expecting from all students so it wasn’t just an issue with that particular student.