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  • Natalie VanWyngaarden

    August 16, 2021 at 1:43 pm

    Yes , I do see how this book aligns with Math Making Moments ideology. I laughed about the behaviour issues he mentions in the traditional method e.g., slackers, procrastinators etc. and how standing at the vertical board alleviates this. I was surprised about the homework ideas as in not assigning it. I liked the idea of using understanding of concepts question. His organization method for tracking work and how he listed it in a table format helps me to see how you could possibly track this.. He did caution too that a thinking classroom will not be easy for students. He included ideas for extensions for those groups that finish early too and listed in a step-by-step example to help teachers address this issue. The examples of activities at the end of each chapter are a great resource that I will use. Did you participate in the research? People need repetition and lots of it to master or understand a concept ( at least I do) so highlighting and reading his book helps me to understand the objective of the thinking classroom and how and why it is set-up in the manner that it is.