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Make Math Moments Academy Forums Mini-Course Reflections Spiralling Math Class What is the purpose of Assessment & How do I “mark” this? – Discussion Reply To: What is the purpose of Assessment & How do I “mark” this? – Discussion

  • Leslie Stevens

    August 1, 2021 at 6:26 pm

    I love how Steven shared an assessment and shared what worked and what concerns he has.

    I have been reading the “Build Thinking Classrooms” book, and am struggling with how to adjust my SBG assessments to make them “assessments for thinking and learning” as much as possible. I struggled with the idea of the “beginning, intermediate, and advanced” questions that Peter L. suggests using in this book. I worry that a student will stop at beginning and not do anything else, or just do the advanced and now show enough evidence of learning on that one problem because it is too complex for them at the moment.

    The way I have been doing my assessments is basically using questions (usually about 4 problems) that in my opinion will show if a student has “met the standard” and then 1 or 2 optional questions for the “exceeding expectations” Level 4. Students are asked to do all of the “meet expectations” type questions at a minimum. Here is a link to a sample 6th grade assessment on LCM and GCF (Rubric is on last page):

    I internally grade each question on the 1 to 4 rubric and use that to give an overall rubric score based on all the work of the student. Rubric score of 4 is only used if a student does the optional challenge problem(s) and get all correct with good process. Students only need to fix and “retake” the ones they missed. I keep the score secret for a few days and just have the students look at my feedback and start working on fixes as needed. The score goes into the gradebook and when students are ready, they can see it there.

    I would love to see what others are doing to help me figure out how to improve on my process.