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  • Christopher Ernst

    July 30, 2021 at 1:18 pm

    Hey! Yeah, I’ve found that and have been playing around with it. I’ve been messing around with the calculation options for the standards (or outcomes in Canvas). What calculation type have you been using/how do you think you’re going to implement it?

    I’m thinking of using the mastery grade book and tying it to a single “assignment” in Canvas and have that as the standard score. This would have a rubric attached to the assignment. The calculation method for the Mastery Gradebook would be the highest score since the score changing would be in the only “assignment” tied to the outcome. I tried messing around with the other calculation methods and I didn’t like how they calculated the scores into their mastery.

    I’m going to attached multiple assignments to the outcomes that they are aligned with, but weigh them as a 0 and having only a rubric score for that assignment so students can use the formative feedback. This would also keep a track record of the student’s performance on a standard for myself and the student as well without weighing those assignments and scoring them with points to avoid the “points accumulating” on certain assignments. Using the “standard score” assignment as the only one worth points and in my grade book and factoring into the student’s mastery grade book allows me to also keep with my district’ and schools policy to only use our Canvas grade book and have Canvas pass those standard scores to Infinite Campus. This can only happen from the assignments grade book, otherwise, I would go full mastery grade book all the time.

    That was a lot but this is a big thing that my whole dept is thinking about lol. I’d love to hear your thoughts/ideas and what you all think about this approach! Please poke holes if you can! @jon @jennifer.hixson-2425 @kyle @michael.wynott