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  • Marjorie Allred

    July 27, 2021 at 12:04 pm

    I spent a day where students explored exponents to figure out for themselves the rules for multiplying exponents. This was a YouCubed activity where students identify, for example, that 2^3*2^5=(2*2*2)*(2*2*2*2*2)=2^(3+5)=2^8. They also do it for raising exponents to exponents, dividing exponents, and so forth. The next day, I had them trying to combine several of the operations at the same time. It went too quickly for many of them and they couldn’t see how what they had done the previous day applied to this assignment. I should have pivoted to help them understand that things can be combined as well, though I don’t know what kind of task would have helped with that.