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Make Math Moments Academy Forums Mini-Course Reflections Assessment For Growth Lesson 4.3: Where Do Formal/Traditional Forms of Evaluation Fit In? – Discussion Reply To: Lesson 4.3: Where Do Formal/Traditional Forms of Evaluation Fit In? – Discussion

  • Jamie BALLARD

    July 26, 2021 at 10:55 am

    Biggest takeaway: Making It Stick and the retrieval process. I have studied this and use it in class to help students understand how the brain works and how they can strengthen neural pathways through retrieval. It is a pretty easy sell, since everyone knows that math builds on itself. Students want to be able to recall next year.

    I also have this analogy running through my mind about your Super Mario Brothers example that goes along with retrieval practices. I remember playing game this with different objectives. First, I tried to just finish the course as fast as possible without getting any stars. I see students doing this when they do as little as possible to earn the grade that is expected of them on a learning target. However, since math builds on itself, when that topic is needed later in their math journey, they essentially need to go back to that level to retrieve the stars. In other words, they need to revisit and retrieve that learning at a deeper level. You have to understand and explore levels in Mario to find those stars.

    To strengthen this analogy, I am trying to name the stars: connection to previous learning, conceptual understanding, and contextual understanding???

    Thinking about quadratics. In our system, students learn how to graph and solve using simple factoring and quadratic formula during Algebra 1. Then in Algebra 2, we learn more complicated factoring and completing the square, along with finding all solutions – real and imaginary. Students that “rushed” through Algebra 1 quadratics with no stars, will struggle building on their understanding of quadratics in algebra 2. In other words, students who take their time to play and investigate the learning target by “capturing stars” will be able to readily open more “doors” in the future learning journey.

    Does that make sense? I am trying to create a story line to build more buy in for students and parents of why we are not just teaching procedures with the traditional I do, we do, you do method.