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Make Math Moments Academy Forums Mini-Course Reflections Assessment For Growth Lesson 3.2: What Video Games Can Teach Us about Grading? – Discussion Reply To: Lesson 3.2: What Video Games Can Teach Us about Grading? – Discussion

  • Jamie BALLARD

    July 25, 2021 at 12:06 pm

    Wow – many ideas coming together in my mind. One, I read the comment above about the 0 in the gradebook and love the response. This is a tough question and one I struggle with as a teacher. Additionally, the mention of consistency. By changing the language of feedback/grading versus evaluation, I think it is easier to process moving a LG mark down. (I hoping there is a rubric example we might get to see later that includes consistency.) Since the LG mark is not instantly effecting their overall grade in the class, I think the student would value the feedback that they “had it” at one time, but for some reason they lost “it.” It would be a great conversation.

    My biggest take away is the analogy of Mario brothers. You can complete a level without getting any stars. The stars open up “doors” in the future. I think this relates so well in mathematics. In a very traditional/procedural course, students can mimic their way through a lesson without really understanding. This is like going through the course as fast as possible without “earning” any stars. The students are allowed to go to the next levels, but at some point that catches up with them. Excited to see how to structure Standards Based Grading for Growth (SBG4G) in action.