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Make Math Moments Academy Forums Mini-Course Reflections Spiralling Math Class What is the purpose of Assessment & How do I “mark” this? – Discussion Reply To: What is the purpose of Assessment & How do I “mark” this? – Discussion

  • Anthony Waslaske

    July 24, 2021 at 5:36 pm

    In response to the question @jon posed about the purpose of assessment, I wrote what I thought assessment means to me.

    I want students to know where they are in the learning process, and communicate to students areas of strength and areas of growth. The purpose is then for students to take action and continue their journey toward mastery.

    With the above assessment, students embark on their journey through the actionable feedback provided to them within the assessment to demonstrate their mastery and provide evidence; either through product, conversation, or observation; that they have grown.

    From the statement I drafted, I know my assessments are formative assessments and I think high expectations provide necessary rigor in the classroom to maximize student learning, so I would create a rubric to reflect those beliefs but offer students multiple opportunities to reassess.