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  • Kristi Kortuem

    July 22, 2021 at 11:45 am

    The lesson style I saw in the 1-5 video feels less structured and not as predictable as what I have traditionally planned for. It feels much more engaging for me as the teacher and for the students in the classroom, I see this as a benefit for all. I also see benefits for my students because they are the ones doing the thinking and sharing their ideas with one another. I like the way all students have access to doing the problem the way they see it. Some reservations I have are about my lack of confidence in trying to carry it out since it is so new for me. I also worry about how one student’s idea may side-track what I think the main goal for the day is. I think that is what the consolidation process will help with.? My other reservation is about other “type A math teacher planners” out there. How can I convince them that this is worth trying?