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  • Andrea Cadman

    July 6, 2021 at 12:54 pm

    Moving too quickly from solving one-step equations to solving two- and multi-step equations is something I have done more than once (not proud of it!). Every time, I find that after another not-great outcome, I promise myself that I will change things up and learn from my mistakes before teaching it again. Invariably, I do take the time to rethink and make plans to do things better/differently, but somehow end up right back where I started. Honestly, it makes me so mad that I continually let myself be pressured (both by myself and outside forces) into doing things I know are not in the best interest of my kids.

    This time, I am hopeful in a different way because I feel the planning aspect that you have laid out encompasses so many more possibilities than I have ever thought through in the past. Additionally, now I can see that if I plan thoroughly enough to specifically see how following through will really save time in the end (and more importantly have a greater impact on student learning and retention) I am much more likely to not make the same choices of just moving on in the future. Feeling optimistic!