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  • Michele Acobas

    July 5, 2021 at 1:24 pm

    Hi. I perused this task, and am strongly thinking of using it for both my 5th and 6th grade back to school activity.

    when school starts we will have only 3 days of school before we break for a religious holiday. (Actually September is close to being non-existent.)

    Based on my experience last year, graphing quantities, line plots, etc. didn’t come up until the end of the year, and there was barely time to work on it. My thought is that this is a relatively easy concept to teach, and so the first 3 days of school just might work.

    I also want the students to come to think of coming to math class as something interesting (not scary) and possibly fun.

    I will have to tweek it somewhat to make it ?applicable for both 5th and 6th, but am thinking that this could be doable.

    Any suggestions