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  • Velia Kearns

    July 1, 2021 at 5:06 pm

    Traditional Math Lessons are more “Organized” and Compartmental.

    The lesson here was more Organic, and could lead to connections with larger contexts like the math was intended for. Being able to pull the idea from a previous lesson was easier because the “moment” was closer to the memory. It existed in more than just rote copying of an example – but had hands-on, visual, friends talking about it, AND notes.

    In this lesson, the notes weren’t the goal – the expansion of the idea was more the goal.


    When will notes ever be the goal?

    I like to show students “Structure” in writing the answer; there is less structure for this lesson – for example in High School writing the x for multiplication wouldn’t be a good thing since it’s a variable – so brackets are advertised/used

    After you do this type of learning – for how many days? – does the traditional math class ever come back?

    This lesson style is there to spark and fuel, but then part of the connection is the rote copying of notes and examples, isn’t it?
    I can use this for the concept, but I also need to “Show” them how to write the answer when dealing with the problem – after they learn how to identify and think through what’s being asked.

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