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  • Jennifer Gordon

    June 15, 2021 at 5:17 pm


    I’m Jen Gordon. I’m a teacher in Portland, Oregon in the Parkrose district. I teach 7-8 grade math as well as AVID. I have a BS in Integrated Science with a minor in Biology, then got my MAT many years later.

    I didn’t plan on teaching math (in fact didn’t love math at all), but it made sense to get endorsed in both math and science. Ended up getting hired to teach math! I started off teaching math support to kids for 45 minutes every day (on top of their 90 minutes of regular math class they had every other day), so needless to say, they were the kids who didn’t have a lot of love for math! I’m glad I was able to connect with those kids because I saw a lot of myself in them. It really helped me to grow my math mindset (fake it until you make it) and I realized I actually love math! Some of them ended up loving it, too.

    I still feel like there are a LOT of things wrong with the way I do math with my students, specifically how they are assessed. That’s why I wanted to join! I want students to realize that we all have the ability to understand and even enjoy math concepts! I want students say, “I’m a math person!”