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  • Carrie Winland

    May 26, 2021 at 2:28 pm

    I laughed through the section where you talked about the inappropriate and unrelated comments. One key to building relationships with my students is to value their voice, even when it’s not related to the content. They just want to be heard. There are so many times that students (especially high school students) just want to be noticed and get attention. Let them have their moment, don’t give it any power, and move on.

    Regarding the transformation of textbook questions into notice and wonder style questions… My brain is really starting to work thinking of ways I can change these boring textbook questions, omit information, and create anticipation by changing it to bare bones style. I’m also very thankful that you two have done a lot of the video creation for us. My video skills, while getting better, aren’t quite as good as yours!!