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  • Christopher Ernst

    April 11, 2021 at 9:32 pm

    The biggest take-away for myself was the communication of our methods and practices in our classrooms to the parents. If we can effectively communicate our intentions behind our actions and methods in the classroom to the parents, as backed by evidence rather than how it has “always been”, then they will hopefully buy into our methods and actions as well.

    I plan to draft a parent letter for the beginning of the year next year and establish communication off on the right foot with the parents of my students. Hopefully, this first step on my end will be a positive first step towards building a relationship throughout the year.

    I’m planning on trying to build a process into my classroom where I contact parents every day for both positive and negative reasons. I need to think through how this will affect my movement and engagement with students during class when they’re problem-solving/productively struggling.