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  • Christopher Ernst

    March 25, 2021 at 10:18 am

    Hi! My name is Christopher Ernst! I’m a high school math teacher in Las Vegas NV at Eldorado High School. I’ve been teaching for only 3 years so far all at Eldo!

    My school is a local public high school with a large ELL population, around 30-35% chronic absenteeism, and single-digit proficiency in math. I teach mainly freshman in Algebra 1, but support my whole department as the DC. Many MANY of my students come into my classroom with really negative mindsets about themselves as learners in all subjects, and some especially in math.

    Our school and admin always talk about how “great” our department is with many teachers constantly adjusting and trying to meet students where they are at, but many teachers rely on skills approaches and rote practice. When we look at grades and the data, these approaches do not work for a majority of our students. This past year has really shown this to me in more glaring ways than ever before and really inspired me to find something that works better for our students.

    I am originally from Olathe, KS in the Midwest of the US, and many times I find that I’m the only white person in a classroom with my students, and navigating this space and creating meaningful relationships has been something that I’ve struggled with.

    I am joining to try and find that “thing” that could work for our students and school, as well as explore how tasks-based learning might lead to deeper relationships with my students. I’ve been listening to the podcast, and I almost always take something away that I think makes me a better teacher, and I want to push that learning forward!