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    March 25, 2021 at 9:57 am

    One think I looked into that I have not previously is the mention of Knowledgehook.

    I have not been good with manipulatives in my past teaching but teaching remotely and using tasks from this course have shown me so many places I could use them if in person.

    Since we are remote for the rest of the year I think, I am interested in the manipulative aspect of Knowledgehook. I use a lot of Desmos and there is some there too, but I am really excited about getting back in the classroom and offering concrete manipulatives often.

    I am wondering if anyone has taught students how to make their own algebra tiles or other useful manipulatives for 7th/8th grades at home or use common household things for students. Many of my students are struggling economically so I do not want them to buy things or assume they have certain things lying around but I will keep thinking, just not sure if someone already thought of a good ideas for concreteness for at home students. In the meantime, Desmos, a little Geogebra and Braining Camp and maybe Knowledgehook for virtual manipulatives.