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  • Laura Las Heras Ruiz

    March 5, 2021 at 2:04 pm

    Last wednesday I introduced my functions lesson doing a kind of performance. I told them that we will infect us with coronavirus. We settle the velocity of infection at 1 and then I give a piece of paper to the first infected that he had to give an infection paper to one student, this new infected did the same, and so one. One student secretary was counting and writing on the board the number of the new infections and the accumulation of them.

    Then we did the same with velociti 1,5 so the first infected gave one paper to one student and a half of paper to another one. The students who had one paper or half and half could infect the others. And finally we did the same with a velocity of 0,5. We take the data and we make the plots.

    Now I think that to make this activity more interesting, and with more curiosity I could make them stand up and take datas without saying that we are making an experiment about coronavirus infections. And after that use the notice and wonder strategy. I think they could have more curiosity.