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  • Kyle Pearce

    March 4, 2021 at 6:35 am

    Lots of great points and reflecting here.

    In regards to the SMART goals for learning goals – love that idea if we had more planning time to commit to an endeavour like that. Maybe looking at big ideas from the SMART goal lens is a better middle ground?

    One thing to consider is balance at all times. When we share whether we fan proceed or pivot, keep in mind we aren’t suggesting that students master or have a high level of expertise (yet) as that simply isn’t possible in just a few short days. So the trouble becomes trying to determine when is it appropriate to pivot or when can I proceed? Spiralling back is always key and if we are building out ideas conceptually starting with low floor (as you suggest BEFORE the word problem you shared), then it gives students an opportunity to revisit ideas.

    The problem based unit that pops in my mind as I read your systems of equations scenario is the Shot Put unit:

    It starts with a scenario as a single equation and builds towards a system. Again, giving students opportunities to build their understanding as they go.