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  • Selena Gallagher

    March 3, 2021 at 3:58 am

    Some really great strategies were shared in this lesson. I have definitely tried to spark curiosity in my math lessons before and have used Notice and Wonder, but now I’m thinking that I probably didn’t spend enough time building the culture of noticing and wondering early on. Some students would always share while others were more reluctant to engage.

    I have also encouraged estimation, both with ‘regular’ math problems, and also through using tasks such as Steve Wyborney’s Estimation Clipboard and Esti-mysteries, which my 5th grade students have loved. However, I do see students skipping that step when it’s expected as part of their problem set.

    So far, I’ve used Notice and Wonder and Estimation type tasks as more of a warm-up, before moving on to the Eureka lesson of the day and trying to plough through all the requirements that go along with that. I’m excited to see how I can take these techniques and weave them into the content, so that the engagement lasts throughout the math lesson and not just for the beginning. That task feels very daunting right now, but very worthwhile.