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  • Brent Sturtevant

    February 21, 2021 at 6:25 am


    I totally agree with your post. I feel that the mentality is all about getting the A. One of my team members and I discuss this issue all the time. We can’t stand the honor roll – in almost every email or conversation the object of the parent is for the student to reach this goal – it then caries to the student as they start believing in that same goal. Both of us also don’t like the concept of report cards – I feel it is such an outdated process and why do we need to share reports on a quarterly basis when grades can be scene instantly online. I feel there are other issues as well but those are the main ones.

    Over the years I have changed my practices as I let students constantly retake assessments until they get a good grade (this has helped) but I am looking into alternate forms and have started taking “Assessment to Growth” as suggested by Kyle.

    Some things that I am doing this year is having students create a portfolio for a section and then I in the process of creating team challenges. If interested I can share at a later time to let you know how it is going. If you any other ideas or insight I would love to hear it.

    Thanks for posting this topic as it is so true.

    Stay well.