Shifting Mindsets & Beliefs To Make Math Moments

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Build Your Mathematics Program Like a Strong, Healthy and Balanced Tree with Research Informed Strategies That are Accessible, Equitable and Sustainable over time.

In this course we’ll be focusing on the Soil, Water, and Sunlight.

Like a tree requires soil, water and sunlight, your classroom mathematics program requires a productive educator mindset and the belief that all students can achieve at high levels. If this mindset and belief isn’t clear to all students of all cultural backgrounds, socio-economic experiences and learner profiles, your mathematics program will struggle to move forward.

Do you believe that ALL students are capable of achieving at high levels in mathematics?

Shifting student mindset and beliefs (and your own) is a necessary component of an effective classroom mathematics program.

How can we change when the thought of change is interpreted as more work and little impact?

We are routinely handed new initiatives to implement each year, often times without the necessary professional learning required to understand why they are helpful and how they can be implemented effectively in our classrooms. Let’s look at how we can alter our existing mathematical mindsets and beliefs so we are in a better position to help our students achieve at high levels.

Shifting student mindsets and beliefs are some of the most challenging aspects of Making Math Moments on a daily basis. The core beliefs students have about mathematics when they enter school are often scarred, corrupted, and reshaped from poor past experiences. Together, we can help shift their mindsets from deficit thinking towards asset thinking.

Watch This Video Before Getting Started:

Your Call To Action: Shift student and educator mindsets and beliefs from deficit thinking towards asset thinking.

Let’s learn how to shift our own mindsets as well as our students.

Not Enrolled
This course is currently closed

Course Includes

  • 2 Modules
  • 10 Lessons