Are You Picky Enough?

Are You Picky Enough with the Math EdTech Tools that you use in your math classroom? This course will help you pick the best math tech tools to help fuel sense making in your students.

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Overwhelming is a word that comes to my mind when we think about tech tools in math education. There are so many apps, websites, gadgets in math education; it’s hard to decide which ones we should focus on if any at all.

Join math teacher and Desmos Fellow Jon Orr as you explore how you can be more picky and selective with Math EdTech Tools so you can eliminate wasted time and spend more time with what matters —  creating meaningful math discussions and fuelling sense-making in your students. 

Experience interactive math lessons that are digital in nature, promote collaboration instead of isolation, and curiosity instead of indifference. Course participants will not only walk away with ready-made lesson resources using Desmos to use on their next class day, but also develop criteria to help them choose appropriate tools in the future. Have your device and your awesome self ready to get picky with your Math EdTech Tools as you’ll be jumping into some serious tech action!

What you’ll learn:

  • How to be more choosy with the activities, lessons, resources, and edtech tools that you find to enhance your classroom;
  • What criteria you can use to become more picky with edtech tools;
  • What edtech tools are already being picky so you don’t have to; and,
  • How you can use Desmos’ activities to be picky in your lessons.


A certificate of completion will be unlocked once each module and lesson in this course is marked complete.

Length of course:

Approximately 3.5 hours of video lesson content with another recommended 3-6 hours of reflection, planning and implementing.

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Course Includes

  • 3 Modules
  • 17 Lessons
  • Course Certificate