2019 Make Math Moments Virtual Summit Replays

Access to high quality math PD without having to leave your classroom. Get close and personal with 20+ of the most influential math education speakers in our profession joining together to help you tackle the most important ideas for your classroom. Through a two-day series of Virtual Talks, you’ll learn how to step over the threshold to feeling confident and successful in your math class, and never look back.
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Original Summit Date:

NOVEMBER 16th & 17th 2019



Join 1000s of dedicated educators like you who participated in this VIRTUAL CONFERENCE guaranteed to provide you with high impact math strategies for your classroom. 

All 25 hour long sessions were pre-recorded for this Virtual Summit experience and are now available for Academy Members to enjoy on their own schedule.


A certificate of completion will be unlocked once each module and lesson in this course is marked complete. Alternatively, a form is available for those interested in receiving a certificate for just a small handful of the sessions.

Length of course:

Approximately 35 hours of video lesson content with another recommended 35 hours of reflection, planning and implementing.

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Make Math Moments Academy Members.

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