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Build Your Mathematics Program Like a Strong, Healthy and Balanced Tree with Research Informed Strategies That are Accessible, Equitable and Sustainable over time.

In this portion of the course we’ll be focusing on the the branches of the tree: Pedagogical Content Knowledge.

The branches of your tree represent the development of educator pedagogical-content knowledge including effective teaching and equity based teaching practices. If you’re spending valuable planning and instructional time on too many things that don’t make an impact, the tree’s canopy will get heavy and begin to sag, hindering growth.

How many of the 8 Effective Mathematics Teaching Practices and 5 Equity Based Mathematics Teaching Practices would you say you are incorporating with a high degree of effectiveness in your mathematics classroom?

Without a sound system in place to support and develop your high yield teaching moves you cannot generate consistent student growth across your mathematics program.

Focusing your time, resources, and support around research based effective mathematics teaching practices will help you strengthen your classroom program.

Watch This Video Before Getting Started:

Your Call To Action: Develop consistent use of the 8 Effective Teaching Practices and 5 Equity-Based Teaching Practices.

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