How To Teach Algebra

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What are the best strategies to teach the concepts in our algebra strands and courses? What activities can we use to spark curiosity and fuel sense making?

In this course you’ll take a deep dive into the lessons, units, activities, strategies, and models that Jon & Kyle use to effectively teach algebraic concepts in their classes.

You’ll learn:

  • how to help your students use visual models to compare fractions;
  • three activities to strengthen the topic of simplifying expressions by collecting like terms;
  • how to introduce the distributive property in your middle school or high school classrooms;
  • how to help your students use and thrive with area models;
  • what prompts and questions you can ask your students to bring our their thinking;
  • which lessons nudge students to make use of appropriate models;
  • how to use a double number line to solve a variety of first degree equations including multi-step equations;
  • how to build procedural fluency by teaching strategies to use along the double number line; and,
  • how to use the area model to complete the square including examples with fractions.


A certificate of completion will be unlocked once each module and lesson in this course is marked complete.

Length of course:

Approximately 4 hours of video lesson content with another recommended 4-6 hours of reflection, planning and implementing.

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