Best Practices With Classroom Lessons, Activities, and Structure

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Build Your Mathematics Program Like a Strong, Healthy and Balanced Tree with Research Informed Strategies That are Accessible, Equitable and Sustainable over time.

In this portion of the course we’ll focus on the leaves of the tree: Classroom Resources, Tools, and Environment.

The leaves represent resources, tools and your classroom environment. If a classroom mathematics program doesn’t know which tools are necessary or which resources can assist in doing the work, the tree will starve, wilt and eventually die.

Are you using a framework to structure math lessons designed with research based practices in mind?

Your math program should utilize resources designed to spark curiosity and fuel sense making in students.

The food to fuel student sense making in an effective mathematics program includes having effective resources such as curriculum and content resources, educator and student tools, productive classroom environment elements (i.e.: classroom organization, flexible seating options, etc.) and other resources that welcome more students to the learning.

Strengthening your classroom math program will require access to curriculum resources that:

  • assist in the development of educator mathematics content knowledge and pedagogical-content knowledge as they implement the resource with students during each lesson;
  • create space for educators to leverage a repertoire of various pedagogical moves including problem solving, direct instruction and purposeful practice;
  • assists to incorporate problem solving and productive struggle opportunities in lessons; and,
  • provide content that allows and promotes educators to differentiate to meet a wide range of student readiness.

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Your Call To Action: Utilize resources designed to spark curiosity and fuel sense making in students.

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This course is currently closed

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